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"The Journal of Entrepreneurship & Management" (JEM) (ISSN: 2277-6850) looks forward to create value for enterprises and organizations through research and for those who are committed to support entrepreneurship like, policy makers, intervention agencies, researchers and academics, by establishing a platform for learning through sharing from experience, dialogue, creativity and imagination.

IJEM target audiences are entrepreneurs, researcher and academicians, executives, policy makers, intervention agencies and others. Given the diverse nature of our audiences and their requirements journal will prefer to receive contributions, which can be generalized across a variety businesses, sectors, nations and economies

Scope of Journal

Journal invites research papers based on empirical research, case studies, monographs, review papers and book reviews related to different aspects of entrepreneurship theory and practice. The published papers should be able to add significant value to the existing literature of entrepreneurship. Sustaining of the reader’s interest is an important criterion for selection of the paper. Research based articles are strongly encouraged but focus should be on analysis and recommendations cutting down on technical aspects. Policy papers, best practices and case studies, creative concepts and applications, book reviews, commentaries, interviews and other thought provoking manuscripts are strongly encouraged. Particularly welcome are future oriented manuscripts that offer small businesses and start-ups a vision of business in twenty first century and practical road maps for getting there. Also encouraged are manuscripts that address interdisciplinary topics or approach “traditional” topics from interdisciplinary perspective. Learning by sharing is the foundation of this journal. We encourage success stories of policy implementation at a macro level as also best practices and creative solutions at firm level

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Editor-In Chief

Dr. S.K.Nagarajan, Department of Business Administration, Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu